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Furnace Installation in CO

In the criminal justice system, co-conspirators are people who join forces to commit crimes and do harm to others. But co-conspirators can join forces for good, too. At Air- x-treme, consider us your co-conspirators when it comes to safeguarding your home or business from all the nastiness that winter throws your way.

We understand how unsettling it can be when your furnace breaks down in the middle of a cold snap. But you have nothing to worry about. The good guys at Air X-treme will ride to your rescue with the furnace replacement and installation that is right for you and your home or business.

A new, energy-efficient system can reduce your energy bills by as much as 30 percent. Plus, it will operate more quietly than older models. However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says more than 50 percent of heating systems do not achieve maximum efficiencies because they aren’t installed properly. So, it’s important to call in the authorities for the proper install.

When it comes to furnace replacements and installations in the Colorado areas, we’ve been on the case for decades. We’re the specialists who can solve any problem—no matter how complicated.

We rely on our experience and HVAC smarts and have earned a reputation as the team that consistently provides professional services and affordable prices.

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  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Ductless Mini Split AC Systems
  • AC Refrigerant Leak Repair
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance
  • Air Handler Services
  • Evaporator Coil Services
  • Heat Pump Services
  • Air Duct Repair


Were you crossing your fingers that your aging air conditioner made it through the end of last season? Instead of wishing and hoping for another year, watch for these signs that can indicate your unit needs to be replaced:
  • AGE: If your unit is older than 15 years old and nearing the end of its life expectancy.
  • HIGH UTILITY BILLS: If your system is working harder than it needs to cool your home, resulting in higher utility bills.
  • LESS EFFECTIVE: Your property is no longer reaching the desired temperature or the setting on the thermostat.
  • MULTIPLE REPAIRS. Your unit needs multiple repairs.
  • MAJOR REPAIR: You need a major or costly repair, such as a new motor or compressor.
  • LEAKS: Your unit is leaking.
  • NOISES: You hear strange sounds coming from the system, which can signal an issue with your motor.


Walking into a cool, comfortable house in the middle of summer can feel amazing, but it can also take a toll on your utility bills. To reduce your expenses, use these tips:
  • Check your property’s insulation to make sure it’s keeping the cool air in and the hot air out.
  • Replace the air filters at least every three months to keep the unit running efficiently.
  • Schedule a tune-up with a professional at least once a year.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to better control your indoor temperature.
  • Reduce your thermostat by a few degrees. It will save energy, and you are unlikely to notice the difference.
  • LEAKS: Your unit is leaking.
  • NOISES: You hear strange sounds coming from the system, which can signal an issue with your motor.